Create accessories from your old shirts

Aside from donating or repurposing them as cleaning rags, your old shirts can also be transformed into accessories.

With the help of simple tools, you can create bracelets, scarves, necklaces, headbands and even belts. All you need are old shirts, scissors and some buckles and chains.

1. D-I-Y bracelet

Cut one inch-wide strips of fabric from your shirt. You can cut from different colored shirts, just make sure they were of the same length. The number of strips may vary depending on how thick you want your bracelet. After cutting, stretch the strips to make the edges roll inward. Tie the strips together in a double knot on one of the ends. You can tie the strips on a bead or button instead of double knotting the strips. Braid the strips and finish it by tying the strips into a knot making a loop. You can insert beads while braiding for more style.

2. D-I-Y infinity scarf

Cut off the bottom hem of the shirt in a straight line. Cut on a straight line across the shirt just below the sleeves or armpit area. You can use a rotary cutter for a better result. Stretch the shirt to widen the holes for a better fit. You can paint the shirt with dots or small different shapes. Wear it with one long loop or you can coil it around twice for a fuller effect.

3. D-I-Y headband

Making a headband from an old shirt is a lot similar to the bracelet technique. The only difference is you have to use longer strips of fabric. You can braid it all the way to the end or only in the middle part, just make sure to tighten it. You can use another strip to tie the two ends together.

4. D-I-Y necklace

Cut your soft fabric shirt into inch-wide rings. Stretch the rings to make the edges roll inward. With other fabrics, tie them around the fabric rings to unify them together and create a neckpiece. Use your creativity to make it your own style.

5. D-I-Y belt

Cut four 2.5 inches wide strips from your old shirt. Use a clip or safety pin to secure the ends together. You can start braiding. Knot the end after, then sew the ends. Wrap one end around D-rings to serve as its buckle. Sew it several times to secure the D-rings. And there you have it, your personalized belt from an old shirt.

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