How to save a broken lipstick?

One of the makeup mishaps a girl could experience is breaking her most precious lipstick and there is no way she would toss it out. Luckily, there are simple ways on giving that broken lipstick a new life.

First, melt the top layer of the lipstick that is still intact to the tube. Then stick the broken end on top of the melted lipstick. Using a lighter or lighted candle, melt the outer edge of the lipstick for strong hold and security. You can use paperclip or flat spoon to smoothen the surface. Let the lipstick cool down by popping it in the freezer, then take it out after a few minutes.

If you’ve already given up with sticking the two broken ends together, you can just put it in a container. Scoop out the lipstick; place it in a metal spoon and melt it with a lighted candlewick. Pour it into a small container and cover it with the lid. Place it in the freezer to solidify. This technique is easier and faster than the first method.

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