Signs that he is in love with you

It can be hard to spot at first if he is in love with you or not, especially if you are the one who is so infatuated with him. You are worried that the ‘thing’ you both have might be just a casual playtime for him. But what if he really likes you? What are the signs to look for?

Well, for starters, observe if he is constantly looking into your eyes. Constant eye contact means he is interested in what you are saying. He also listens when you rant about your frenemy.

Another sign is when he introduced you to all his friends. He also talks about you when he is with his friends, and they already knew your workplace and favorite food when you met them.

He also wanted to introduce you to his parents. If he already did that, then you’re in a serious relationship.

He never misses to say ‘good morning’, ‘good night’, or to check if you have eaten your lunch yet. He compliments you even in your most haggard days.

He also plans in long term like saying, “Next Christmas, we should…”

He lets you have the remote and watch chick flicks. He puts you first and doesn’t look at his phone when you are around.

He surprises you with flowers or simple gifts even if there is no occasion. He also puts effort in getting to know you better. If he checks on the movie you have been waiting to see and surprises you with tickets, that’s love.

There are many other signs to know if he is in love with you but the ultimate sign is if he commits his self to you. If he wanted to take it to another level, it means that he really loves you and do not doubt about that.

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