Tips on handling arguments with poise

Most of us hate arguments. But whether we like it or not, arguments are inevitable and they can really change our mood and ruin our day.

However, there are ways to handle arguments gracefully and with poise. Here are some tips:

1. Count 1-10 to gather your thoughts whether you should react and have your say on a certain issue.

2. Listen to what the other person is trying to say. Observe the tone of his/her voice. The other person may either be upset or merely trying to express his/her side. Listening will give you an idea on how to respond to the issue.

3. Respond (not react) in a calm tone. Articulate your words and be clear on what you want to say. When the other person responds, he/she will match the tone of your voice.

4. Know the issues that you should respond to. Don’t respond to everything the other person throwing at you. Some of the issues may have no value or worth at all so filter and shut these non-sense out.

5. Apologize even if you did not do anything wrong to the other person directly. Their feelings could have been hurt during your argument.

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