Tips to waterproof your shoes this rainy season

It’s rainy season again and most people are already preparing their raincoats, rainboots and umbrellas. Sometimes bringing your rain-gear, mainly the space-eater rainboots, can be burdensome and you just want to leave it in the comforts of your home; however, you don’t want your favorite shoes to get wet.

Do not worry because here are some effective tips on how to waterproof your kicks so that you can still don them this rainy season.

1. Spray-on waterproofers

You can buy waterproofer for your shoes. Just make sure that you know what kind of material your shoes are made out of because wrong product can damage the fabric. Spray-on waterproofers are suitable for suede, silks, snakeskin or fish skin. They can be a bit pricey but it is a sure way on keeping your shoes dry.

2. Beeswax, creams and oils

These waterproofers are great for soft leather. Beeswax can also be used for canvas fabric. Wear a pair of gloves then rub the beeswax over your shoes. Use a blow dryer to melt the wax and to seal it on the shoe material. Let it set for five minutes. Perform a splash-test first before wearing it outside.

3. Candle wax

Using candle wax is the cheapest way to waterproof your kicks. It can be a substitute for beeswax so the procedure on how you will apply it over your shoes is the same as the beeswax method.

Remember that materials like shiny soft leather, patent leather, hair and sequins should not be waterproofed since it can ruin the quality of the material.

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