Ways to keep your legs smooth and hair-free

Keeping legs smooth and hair-free is very important for a woman. It has been a parcel of our beauty routine. Some even have log books to schedule their hair removal.

There are several ways on how to get rid of those hairs. The fastest way is to shave it off. Use a shaving cream when shaving for a close-shave – this will offer smoother results. However, this method is for short-term effect.

If you want a longer effect, you can wax your legs. This is also the most painful method. There are three types of wax: hard wax, hot wax, and cold wax. Hard wax is the most effective among the three. Hot wax is the variety mostly used in waxing salons while cold wax is the one you buy in strips.

Sugaring is another method. It is like waxing but with less pain. It is an organic product that is applied to the skin with just a wooden stick or hands.

You can also pluck the hair out with its roots. This is a sure way on taking those hairs off from its roots. This is recommended for those with sparse hair.

If you have budget, you can try laser hair removal. This procedure uses laser beam to destroy hair follicles assuring permanent results.

Take note to exfoliate in the morning before you wax or shave as it will give you better results.

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