Ways to revamp your old jeans

Every closet has that old ragged pair of jeans at the bottom of stacked clothes. Luckily, you can still revamp your boring pair of denims into something trendier. With the use of gloves, xacto knife, scissors, bleach, fabric marker, sandpaper and acrylic paint, you can turn your dull jeans into something stylish.

1. D-I-Y Acid wash jeans

Wear your gloves then soak your jeans flatten up into a tub with hot water and bleach. After five to ten minutes, flip the jeans over and wait again for five to ten minutes. The duration will depend on the cloth of the denims. Rinse it with cold water, and then dry it.

2. D-I-Y Shorts

Using a fabric marker, mark the length of the shorts you like to retain. Cut through the pattern. Cut in a downward direction from right to left. Now, you have your denim shorts.

3. Distressed bright jeans

Sand the parts of the jeans you want to scrape. Then, scrape the parts with xacto knife. You can stain it with a fabric marker or leave it as is. Fold the ends of the jeans to have a more stylish look.

4. Bleach-dipped Aztec jeans

The initial step is the same as in the acid wash jeans, but you only dip the end part of the jeans. With the use of marker, draw Aztec prints on the bleached part. Now you have Aztec printed jeans.

5. D-I-Y heart printed jeans

Mark the parts of the jeans where you want to put heart prints, preferably one inch to two inches apart. Get a small cardboard and cut a heart-shaped hole in the middle part. Put it over the marks on the jeans. Dip a small sponge in your choice of acrylic paint then dab it over the cardboard. You can also use fabric paint.

(Photo Source: polyvore.com / 123rf.com)

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